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'Deagh Luaghis Seirbhis'

Welcome to Generations

With a heritage extending back over 130 years, Hector Russell is steeped in the tradition, knowledge and service that Highland Dress commands.

Whilst this craft still uses time served traditional methods, Hector Russell recognise that times change. From a classic Highland Dress outfit to a cutting edge contemporary look, here at Hector Russell, with our unrivalled level of service, we are experts at both.

You may have worn Highland Dress for many years or this could be your first experience of this classic Scottish attire. We recognise the importance of such a significant purchase - be it a gift, coming of age birthday, special celebration or your "big day".

Hector Russell has been the outfitter of choice for many generations. Our motto "Deagh luaghis seirbhis" (for quality and service) is as important today as it ever was.

The Tartan

Hector Russell select tartans from the finest wearing mills. All our fabrics are 100% pure new wool and are still woven in the United Kingdom using traditional weaving methods.

Tartan is one of the oldest most traditional of fabrics, from the Gaelic word "breacan" meaning "chequered". Tartan is created by alternating bands of coloured threads woven as both warp and weft at right angles to one another. The resulting blocks of colour repeat vertically and horizontally in a distinctive pattern known as a "sett".

Historically, the different colours within a tartan were a very visual sign of the family clan or tribe that you belonged to, tartans would be simple checks of 2-3 colours, dependent upon the availability of the plants, tree roots and berries for natural colour dyeing.

Tartans were often developed for royalty, such as the popular Royal Stewart. Many regiments of the British Army still wear their tartans today. The Black Watch tartan has been worn as a military tartan since the 18th century, by one of the best known Highland Regiments.

Today many of our customers still choose their tartan based on their family ancestral name - others make their choice on colour preference.

Choose from a wide range of fabric weights. Our heavyweight cloths are 16oz in weight are most suited to men's kilts. However, medium and lightweight cloths are also available - ideal for skirts, children's kilts or wearing in a warmer climate.

Choose your tartan

Ancient tartans use faded colours to resemble vegetable dyes which were once used.

Weathered tartans simulate older cloths which have been weathered by the elements.

Muted tartans adopt earth tones such as olive, slate blue and deep red.

Modern tartans feature brighter, stronger colours, made possible with more modern dyeing processes.

There are hundreds of tartans so lovely to see,
And many a famous has graced the bare kneed;
And the sett that i wear is both ancient and braw,
It's the price o'my heart and the earest of a.”

'The Tartan'
K. Mckella

The Outfit

Example of a full formal dress outfit

Click the highlighted areas on image to identify the outfit elements.



Measure around the broadest part of your chest, making sure that the tape is just below the armpit and above your shoulder blades. Keep the tape flat and parallel to the ground.

The Kilt

The single, most individual part of any Highlandwear outfit is the kilt. A wonderfully unique traditional garment, it is fastened around the waist and usually starts at the wearer's left side, wrapping around the body and back across the front, fastening on the right hip with a leather strap and buckle. This creates a double layer at the front called an "apron".

Kilts are tailored to finish at the middle of the wearer's knee. The pleats are constructed by folding the cloth - either to the tartan sett (so the full tartan effect is seen on the back), or to the stripe (where the tartan is hidden within the pleats). This latter method is known as "military pleating". The full tartan is only revealed as the wearer walks and the kilt "swings" giving flashes of the hidden colours within. A kilt pin is usually worn on the front apron for decoration.

The Kilt

Our kilts ar all hand tailored in Scotland to your specific measurements. Our expert staff are on hand to measure and advise on this unique item.

One of our kiltmakers will then tailor your kilt to your individuals measurements. All of our kilts are hand cut, pleated and tailored to your precise specifications. Each of our kilts carries the distinctive triple fringe, a hallmark of excellence. A Hector Russell kilt is a work of art, proudly worn whatever the occasion. We can also offer hand stitched kilts if required.

The Kilt

Hector Russell also make trousers, skirts, plaids, trews, sashes, waistcoats and children's kilts - all hand tailored to your individual measurements and choice of tartan.

We only use the best cloths available - choose from 100s of cloth swatches in our stores.

The Jacket

Hector Russell Jackets

All our jackets and waistcoats are available in Pure New Wool in a variety of colours and weaves. The most traditional of Highlandwear jackets are made from Barathea fabric, a heavyweight woollen cloth, renowned for its quality and durability. Whatever your occasion, we can advise on the jacket for you. All our jackets are available in a wide range of sizes in 3 different lengths. Here is a summary of our most popular jackets:

Prince Charlie Jacket

This is the tuxedo jacket of Highlandwear and is the jacket which forms part of our full "Dress" outfits. As the name would suggest it is generally worn for "dressy" occasions like weddings, evening wear and black tie events. This jacket comes with a FREE waistcoat

Argyle Jacket

Often described as a semi-dress jacket, the Argyll is slightly longer than the Prince Charlie Jacket and is also made from 100% Barathea Wool fabric. It is more flexible in terms of use, being suitable for formal day and evening functions. A matching waistcoat is also available to purchase.

Day Wear Jacket

Similar to the Argyll jacket in cut and styling, our day wear jackets are often made using the finest of tweed fabrics which particularly compliment the shades of our weathered and muted tartans.

The Sporran

The "Sporran" (Gaelic for pouch) is the perfect accessory for a traditional kilt. As a kilt does not have pockets, a leather pouch became a useful way to store valuable items, such as money, food and ammunition.

Dress Sporrans

The most formal type of sporran and is worn as part of a full dress outfit.

Dress Sporrans

The most formal type of sporran and is worn as part of a full dress outfit.

Semi Dress Sporrans

A less formal version of the dress sporran. They are traditionally work with Argyll outfits for semi-formal occasions.

Day Sporrans

The most informal type of sporran and, as the name suggests, are suited to daytime functions and casual kilt outfits.


With your outfit almost complete, its essential that you have the correct kilt, socks and footwear. Hector Russell provide a wide range of traditional highland brogues for both adults and children.

Kilt Shoes

Also known as ghillie brogues, they are worn with all highland wear outfits, from full dress to daywear. Ghillie brogues come with longer laces and with leather tassels at the end. The tongue is missing so that the kilt hose are visible through the crossing of the laces, adding to the formal look.

Kilt Shoes

Also known as ghillie brogues, they are worn with all highland wear outfits, from full dress to daywear. Ghillie brogues come with longer laces and with leather tassels at the end. The tongue is missing so that the kilt hose are visible through the crossing of the laces, adding to the formal look.

Kilt Socks

At Hector Russell we have a wide range of kilt socks known as kilt "hose". These knitted woollen socks complete the overall look. Traditionally ecru in colour, they are now available in a wide variety of colours with the darker colours becoming ever more popular. Kilt hose should come to the top of the calf muscle approximately 4 fingers width from the bottom of the kneecap.

Kilt Flashes

As the name suggests, this is a "flash" of matching fabric which is worn under the folded rib of each sock. Each kilt flash is supplied on an elastic garter which can be adjusted for your own comfort.

Your Big Day

Your special day requires a special outfit and Hector Russell take great price in providing you with the most exquisite kilt attire for your big day.

After generations of tailoring for weddings, we listen closely to your needs and requests to make your day that little bit more special.

Hire Packages

If you're trying a highlandwear outfit for the first time, or are on a limited budget, then our hire packages are perfect for you. Hector Russell know that when you're planning your big day, family always comes first. That's why we cater for all ages and sizes, from the groom to the tiny pageboy. Contact our stores for further details.